Yoga at home in Benahavis.


Full Vitality Spa offers Yoga at home service in Benahavis
Private and group Yoga classes at home with the best teachers in the sector.


Yoga at home - Yoga a domicilio




Yoga is an extraordinarily effective method of physical and mental improvement. There are countless testimonies that, for centuries, tell us of its powerful effects on all our body systems and our mind. And there is no shortage of scientific studies that endorse the benefits of Yoga.
From being an almost secret discipline, today it has spread all over the world and, after its necessary modernisation, it continues to improve the lives of all those who practice it seriously. The list of benefits of Yoga is so long that it is no exaggeration to say that everyone can benefit from its many techniques.
For this reason and because of the team of professionals that we have at Full Vitality Spa we offer a Yoga at home service in Benahavis.


How long are the Full Vitality Spa Yoga at home classes in Benahavis?

Full Vitality Spa’s Yoga at home classes are concentrated in a 60 min. but these classes will always be adapted to the needs of our clients.


What are the benefits of Yoga?

STRENGTHEN THE SPINE: One of the most repeated instructions in Yoga is “lengthen your back”. Increasing the space between the vertebrae reduces friction and hydrates the discs. On the other hand, toning the abdominal muscles prevents overloading of the spine.

HELPS TO REDUCE HYPERTENSION. Scientific studies support this effect known from experience.

HELPS TO LOSE WEIGHT. Although the calorie burn is lower than that of other activities, Yoga is a great ally in the fight against overweight by reducing the risk of anxiety eating.

REDUCES ANXIETY AND STRESS: This is one of the most obvious effects of Yoga. Although scientific studies have also been carried out, the best proof is… Try it. We don’t know anyone who practices yoga and claims to be more nervous.

IT BRINGS OXYGEN TO THE BRAIN. Inverted postures increase cerebral irrigation.

PROMOTES MUSCLE TONE. Working with body weight strengthens and develops the entire musculature.

IMPROVES YOUR REST: It is a benefit linked to the previous one. The practice of postures, deep breathing and relaxation techniques calms the mind, whose agitation is the cause of insomnia and poor sleep. There are yoga postures that help you sleep better, such as Balasana or Savasana, which is used to eliminate the worries of the day.

RELIEVES JOINT PAIN. Yoga Therapy is a gentle style of yoga that uses props and induces deep relaxation of the whole body, including, of course, the joints. Yoga exercises strengthen the muscles that support the joint, improve blood circulation, relieve inflammation and promote synovial circulation, the real joint lubricant.

INCREASES ENERGY AND VITALITY. The benefits of physical activity on vitality have been widely proven and yoga is no exception.

INCREASES SELF-ESTEEM AND SELF-CONFIDENCE. The proof of this can only come from the practitioner’s testimonials, who have always assured us that they have improved.

IMPROVES BLOOD CIRCULATION. The Asanas “squeeze” the organs by removing oxygen-poor blood. Inverted postures facilitate venous circulation.

ACTIVATES SEXUAL DESIRE. By direct stimulation of the sexual glands.



Yoga at home - Yoga a domicilio


How can I book a Yoga class at home in Benahavis?

Full Vitality Spa offers you to book Yoga classes at home in Benahavis in a practical and easy way.
You can book directly at : Yoga at home class here


Can I book Yoga classes for groups in Benahavis?

We have at your disposal the best Yoga teachers in Puerto Banus who will be able to meet your demand in quantity and time.

You can also give Yoga classes at home in Benahavis to whoever you want in a safe, fast and direct way on our website by clicking on the option to buy massage.


YOGA at Home - Clase de yoga a domicilio



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