The best plans to spend the day in Tarifa, Cádiz

South of the south, the wind cathedral awaits you.

Tarifa, in the province of Cádiz, is a unique town in the Spanish geography due to the cosmopolitan profile of its inhabitants and its unique conditions for wind sports. But not all are windsports in Tarifa and, therefore, we propose the best plans to visit Tarifa if you have a few days off.

1. Visit the castle of Guzmán el Bueno

One of the best preserved castles in Andalusia. It was built in 960 by Caliph Abd-ar-Rahman III. However, it is named after the Christian ruler Guzman El Bueno, who defended the city from the Muslim invasion in 1294, sacrificing the life of his own son.

Walking through the walls of the Castle will only cost you 4€, being able to enjoy spectacular views of Africa, located just 15 km from Tarifa.

2. Enjoy its beaches, year after year among the lists of the best beaches in Spain

The province of Cádiz is known for the stunning beaches of the Costa de la Luz. Tarifa hosts several of them. Enjoy its warm temperatures, its crystalline waters, sometimes calm but often wild, that touch the fine white sand.

The beaches of Bologna and Valdevaqueros are among the best beaches in Cádiz. Get the picture of the summer at the Tumbao Tarifa or the Tangana Tarifa.

Visit the ruins of Baelo Claudia in Bolina and conquer one of the most beautiful sand dunes in Spain.

3. Live the sensation of riding a horse in Tarifa along the coast

If you are an animal lover, you should definitely take a horse ride through Tarifa. Imagine being in contact with these precious and noble animals while you get lost in the golden beaches of Tarifa or in the underbrush of the mountain.

What more can you ask for? 15 km of virgin coast to walk and feel the connection with the wildest nature.

Many companies offer you the possibility of giving private lessons to learn to ride a horse and go for a walk with expert guides, so your experience will be difficult to forget.

4. Whale and dolphin watching in Tarifa, Cádiz

The best time to do this fantastic activity is from April to October, when dolphins and whales swim between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Choose one of the non-profit companies to experience whale watching. The main purpose of these companies is to protect these impressive animals.

Among them is the FIRMM organization (Foundation for the Information and Research of Marine Mammals), which offer excursions that allow you to know all the species of dolphins and whales, in renovated glass bottom boats.

Do not miss the opportunity to help marine wildlife!

5. The best massages in the world in Tarifa Cádiz

The Full Vitality Spa chain, has chosen Hotel the RIAD Tarifa to present its menu “World Massages”; a selection of the best massages in the world, gathered in a single menu for the enjoyment of visitors.

The typical Swedish massage; a sports massage after kite surfing; an exotic Andalusian hamman; you can take a jump to India, Thailand or stop in Japan for a Shiatsu or jump to the Pacific Islands and then stop in Hawaii and receive a Lomi Lomi massage. Say goodbye to fare in a unique environment and in the best hands, those of Full Vitality Spa Tarifa.

Full Vitality Spa also gives you the possibility to receive the world’s massages and your vacation rental without having to travel to our spa, thanks to our massage service at home.

6. Live the Tarifeña night

Get lost in the tapas and drinks bars of the historical center of the city.

A tapas with proper names like:

* Los Mellis
* El Lola
* El Francés
* Casa Curro
* El pasillo

To have a drink you have the best cocktails and drinks at Tako Way Tarifa, La Muralla Tarifa, El Bernal, La Diosa Tarifa. Ends the night up in the Café del Mar or Mombassa Tarifa.

7. Tarifa’s breakfasts

After an incredible night, get your strength back with stunning breakfasts you will find in Café Azul, a classic cafeteria along with the Tarifeña de Tarifa. There you can try the classic “tranvía”, the most popular sweet of the coastal town.