What massage treatments can you find in Marbella?

Since 2012 Full Vitality Spa Marbella is in Marbella offering the best Massages in the WORLD.

1. Since 2017 we are within the facilities of Naô pool Club Marbella.
Offering a range of more than 12 types of massages from the world stars. the most recognized massages in the world

Discover the best massages in Marbella at Naô Pool Club

2. Since 2012 Full Vitality Spa has the most professional platform for massage services at home and hotels. With the best professionals in the sector in all disciplines.

Discover the best home massages in Marbella

Now we tell you the latest news for 2020- 21

The first thing you should know is the incorporation of the Cellsgen product line.You can find this exclusive signature in all Full Vitlaity Spa locations and of course in Marbella,


Retexturizing, nourishing and anti-wrinkle cream with an exclusive combination of latest generation anti-aging actives.

NEO SKIN GEL Glicolic 10

It is an emulsion with 10% Ac. Glycolic that, due to its exfoliating action, reduces wrinkles and skin blemishes.


Our Serum is a high-end cosmetic product that acts on the deepest layers of the skin, repairing and nourishing it.


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We remind you of some of the most demanded massages by our clients in Marbella

masaje Marbella

We are going to highlight some of the massages that you can receive at your home and at Naô Pool Club Marbella:


1- The Classic Swedish Massage.

From old Europe we recommend the classic Swedish Massage. From Full Vitality Spa we pay tribute to Pehr Henrik Ling, creator of Swedish massage. Performing it in a primitive way respecting the original methodology of passes and manipulations, as prescribed between 1804 and 1813, you dare to try a 200-year-old massage. We offer you the most widespread and recognized massage in the world but performed in the most traditional and respectful way based on its founder, you cannot miss it.

Book here : Clásico masaje Sueco

2- Aromas of Alexandria.

From Arabia Perfumeda, we have no doubts, for you, for your well-deserved vacation or weekly rest we are going to present you our Aromas of Alexandria. You can think of something better for deep relaxation than a special 90-minute massage in oil infused with orange and cinnamon from head to toe. We take you to a world of true peace and relaxation. If you want to have an experience of aromas and harmony for 90 minutes, this is your ideal treatment.

Book here: Aromas de Alejandria

3- Lomi- lomi.

How about we bring you Hawaii to Marbella? This 60-minute Hawaiian massage is ideal for the summer, long and soft passes before or after a good bath, just enough for a medium relaxation. From Full Vitality Spa we highly recommend this massage to receive at a pool club like Naô Pool Club Marbella. and in the pool of your house.

Book here : Lomi- Lomi


4- Special Californian Massage Naô Pool Club.

Of all our locations, only at Naô Pool Club Marbella can you enjoy an authentic four-hand massage. With the basis of the 60-minute Californian massage, we have developed an innovative four-hand massage, massage with long and smooth passes, with a deep journey throughout the body. If you are a massage lover, you cannot miss this Special massage

Book here: Masaje especial Naô Pool Club


Your paradise of sensations in Marbella, Full Vitality Spa.

Massage Marbella

Massage Marbella