The best massages in Benalmádena

Are you a lover of massages and well-being? You are the lucky one because you arrive at Benalmádena Full Vitality Spa. The Hotel and Full Vitality Spa come together to offer you the best wellness offer in the area.

What can you find at Full Vitality Spa Benalmádena?

Full Vitality Spa is a benchmark in the high quality massage sector. For years we have been developing a unique menu based on the most recognized and famous massages in the world. Therefore, you will no longer have to leave Benalmádena to travel the exciting world of massages.

The menu consists of 7 stages

1. Old Europe

Here you can find the most recognized massage in the world, which is none other than Swedish massage or deep tissue massage and variants thereof such as sports massage.

As well as the oldest body treatment in Europe that is none other than the classic Hamman Andalusí, a unique experience on the Costa del Sol.

2. Millennial China

Based on traditional Chinese medicine, with more than 3000 years old, Full Vitality Spa Benalmádena, proposes the game of Chinese suckers, reflexology or comfortable hot stones.

3. Magic Thailand

A real attraction for tourists from all over the world, Thai massage, a hard massage, deep pressure and stretching. Benalmádena already has a good place to receive quality Thai massages.

4. Scented Arabia

Do you want to give a massage to a loved one and you don’t know what kind of massage to give?

With this relaxing massage Full Vitality Spa Benalmádena presents you under the name of scented Arabia you always succeed. This treatment begins with a ritual that will allow you to choose the perfumes with which you will receive this pleasant massage inspired by the Thousand and One Nights.

5. Traditional Japan

Not yet well known but possibly the king of treatments against anxiety and stress. We are delighted to present the shiatsu at Full Vitality Spa Benalmádena: an ancestral practice of the most traditional and glorious Japan, with its peak in the Edo era. Live a unique experience that will provide you with an absolute disconnection.

6. The New America

Within New America, Full Vitality Spa Benalmádena presents the oldest massage in the entire continent, the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi a family massage passed from parents to children with healing properties.

In this same room we also have the youngest massage but every day with more addicts that is none other than Californian massage, a very light and pleasant massage, ideal to take outdoors on a good afternoon of sun.

7. Mysterious India

For India, more than a massage Full Vitlaity Spa presents a philosophy of life such as Ayurveda, the medicinal base of classical India, the balance in essences, colors, oils, manipulations. If you are looking for something different try Ayurveda in Benalmádena.

8. Packs

Full Vitality Spa will present from 2020 a few days of Yoga in Benalmádena, you can join our classes like living a full day of food, massage and progressive yoga.

Rest pack: Full Vitality Spa launches a rest day designed for companies, relaxing vacations from massages, exercises for relaxation and activities for rest and replenish batteries for day to day.

Pregnant Day: preparation, massages, exercises get ready to the final stretch of your pregnancy in the best conditions.



All this and much more in Full Vitality Spa Benalmádena, your temple of well-being in Benalmádena.


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