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9 08, 2022

Massages at Hard Rock Hotel Marbella.


The best massages in Marbella at Hard Rock Hotel Marbella.     We are pleased to announce that from 12 August 2022 you will be able to enjoy the services of Full Vitality Spa at Hard Rock Hotel Marbella. Full Vitality Spa and Hard Rock Marbella have signed a collaboration agreement to offer the services of Full Vitality Spa in Leer más

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13 12, 2021

Sports massage Marbella


Sports massage Marbella     What is sports massage? Sports Massage at Full Vitality Spa in Marbella is a type of massage that prepares the tissues for sporting exertion and the prevention and recovery from injuries both in training and competition. There really is no such thing as a standard sports massage, we tailor our sports massages according to the Leer más

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26 02, 2021



WHAT IS SPORTS MASSAGE? Sport Massage Home   Where can I get a good sports massage? How long does a sports massage last? What are the benefits of sports massage? What is the origin of sports massage?   WHAT IS SPORTS MASSAGE? Sports massage is a deep massage with the basis of Swedish massage but designed and focused Leer más

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