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Professional massage in Sotogrande, Cadiz

Professional massage in Sotogrande.


Book professional massages in Sotogrande.

Full Vitality Spa works with the best professional team of masseurs and therapists in Sotogrande.
We have at your disposal the best professionals in each discipline and type of massage.


When receiving a massage it is very important to know that you are in the hands of professionals.

Full Vitality Spa Sotogrande works with qualified professionals with extensive experience. You have at your disposal a file where you can review the training, qualifications and experience of each professional who attends you in our centres or in a home service in Estepona.

You will be able to evaluate and qualify each professional of Full Vitality Sotogrande directly, you will be able to indicate the professionalism and quality of the service received.

Full Vitality spa Sotogrande has been offering the best massages in Sotogrande since 2012.

Only the best masseuses work with Full Vitality Spa Sotogrande.

Your massages in Sotogrande with the leading company in the sector, we show you the professional massages that Full Vitality Spa has prepared for you in Sotogrande.


Professional deep tissue massage in Sotogrande.

(Deep tissue massage ideal for releasing tension and releasing contractures).


Professional Swedish massage in Sotogrande

(Classic European massage with long strokes with intensity of pressure on demand of the client in Sotogrande)


Professional Sport massage in Sotogrande

(Intense massage with strong pressure, friction and stretching to adapt the body before or after a sporting activity).


Professional relaxing massage in Sotogrande.

(Gentle and sedative massage with the sole intention of transmitting relaxation and well being to the clients of group massages in Marbella).


Special 90 min professional massage in Sotogrnade.

(Extra long relaxing massage with special attention to feet, hands and head).


Professional Thai massage in Sotogrande

(Classic Thai massage, stretching and dry press massage without oil)


Professional Shiatsu massage in Sotogrande.

(Classic Japanese massage very soft and relaxing with dry pressure all over the body).


Professional Reflexology Massage in Sotogrande. 

(Foot, hand and head massage only. Pressures based on traditional Chinese medicine).


Professional Ayurveda massage in Sotogrande. 

(classic Indian massage, ancestral massage passed down from generation to generation. ritual)


Professional lymphatic drainage in Sotogrande. 

(technique to activate the lymph nodes of the body to purify and eliminate toxins in a natural way accelerating the body’s metabolism).


Professional Californian massage in Sotogrande. 

(Classic U.S.A. natural Californian massage, relaxing massage inspired by the rocking of the waves of the sea).


Professional Lomi – Lomi massage in Sotogrande. 

(Natural Hawaiian massage, traditional massage of the natives of the island, passed down from generation to generation used to heal loved ones).


Professional four hands massage in Sotogrande. 

(Massage performed by two masseuses at the same time in a synchronised manner).


Professional Japanese facial massage in Sotogrande. 

(Natural Japanese facial treatment to tighten and rejuvenate the face).


Professional body radiofrequency in Sotogrande. 

(Body treatments to eliminate cellulite, reduce and purify areas of the body such as buttocks, abdomen, arms and legs).


Professional facial radiofrequency in Sotogrande. 

(Aesthetic treatment to treat the dermis on a regular basis, collagen regenerator and visible and noticeable results from the first session).


Professional diamond tip dermabrasion in Sotogrande

(Deep facial cleansing. Adsorption treatment to achieve a deep cleansing).


Professional Hyaluronic Acid Facial in Sotogrande.

(Facial treatment with hyaluronic acid gels to renew the skin condition).


Energetic massage ritual (qualified shamans) in Sotogrande.

(Energetic massage experience, to connect with your essence and personal balance, guided experience).


Professional Yoga teachers at home in Sotogrande.

(Yoga classes at home for groups in Sotogrande led by a qualified teacher).


Professional Pilates in Sotogrande.

(Pilates classes for groups in Sotogrande, classes given by top professionals in Sotogrande).


Professional massage in Marbella

Full Vitality Spa offers all these professional massage services in Sotogrande in villas, hotels, residences book wherever and whenever you want. The best professional team available for you in Sotogrande.

How can I book professional massages in Sotogrande?

You can book directly on our website: www.spafullvitality.com
You can book directly on our whapp +34 610988956

How far in advance do you need to book professional massages in Sotogrande?

We can arrange a team in less than two hours notice.

How many people can I book for, is there a limit to how many people I can book for a professional massage in Sotogrande?

We can offer up to 50 treatments at the same time for special events and groups in Sotogrande.

In which areas of Marbella can I book professional massages in villas, hotels, in Sotogrande?



You can receive professional massage in Sotogrande at these locations:


Professional massage in Avenida de parque s/n

Professional massage in avenida de los cortijos.

Professional massage in Valderrama.

Professional massage in Polo Santa Maria.

Professional massage in Reserva de Sotogrande.

Professional massage in Sotogrande Golf Club.

Professional massage in Octogono Sotogrande.

Professional massage in Chambao

Professional massage in Trocadero Sotogrande.

Professional Massage in Puerto de Sotogrande.


Hotels in Sotogrande where you can book a professional massage :

Professional massage at the Mim Sotogrande hotel.

Professional massage in the hotel el Encinar

Professional massage at hotel EXE Castellar.

Professional massage in the hotel SO/ Sotogrande.

Professional massage in the hotel la Milla de la playa.

Professional massage in the hotel Aldiana Club.

Professional massage in the hotel Finca Cortesin.



Professional massage in Marbella


Full Vitality Spa, we have been taking care of your relaxation and wellbeing since 2012.


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